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The end is the beginning
New book by 13-year-old author tells the story of extreme child abuse and survival. Armond DeGasperis speaks up to protect other children from the horrors of childhood trauma and abuse.
An innocent c

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Adoption & Foster Care: My Personal Experiences
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Musings of an adoptive and foster mother
Ilze's Adoption Journey
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I am in the process of adopting little girl from Eastern Europe.
The end is the beginning
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New book by 13-year-old author tells the story of extreme child abuse and survival. Armond DeGasperis speaks up to protect other children from the horrors of childhood trauma and abuse.
An innocent c
Napa, CA Couple Seeks to Adopt
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Welcome to our adoption website! We are a stable, loving couple seeking a fully open adoption. We live in beautiful Napa, CA located one hour outside of San Francisco. Our friends and family are wai
Ramblings of a Trauma Mama
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I am a mama of trauma x3. My boys came from Russian orphanages and we deal with a lot of RAD and PTSD. Join me as I babble away.
Thriving Despite us
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As the mother of 4 children, 2 who were adopted, I have a unique perspective on adoption and parenting and fortunately a good sense of humor.
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I'm a Former Foster Child. My Life Before, During, and After the Foster Care System taught me Many Things. Being a Foster Kid Can Be a Tough. Informing people about foster care and what foster care is.
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Adoption Love
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We started this blog to spread the word that we want to adopt! Come follow us on this exciting, overwhelming, expensive, stressful, beautiful journey as we wait to be picked by our birth mom.
Foster Care Dad
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Adventures of foster care shared through the eyes of a dad.
Women who adopt after infertility
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A website for women who either have adopted after suffering with infertility or who are in the process of adoption or considering adoption. Also for those women who are experiencing infertility.
Creating a Family
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Creating a Family is a non-profit that provides education and resources on infertility and adoption.
Joyful Mommies
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A joyful adoptive mom sharing the JOY of mommyhodd together with other moms. Based on a decade of experience in the field of early intervention, and on the daily joy of mommyhood, this blog is filled
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Write Mind Open Heart
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Mindful living, parenting and open adoption, perfect moments, 1970s trivia...yadda yadda. Parenting magazine says you must read this blog, so pull up a post and stay awhile.
Dayton Adoptive Families Examiner
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This site contains many articles pertaining to issues that foster care and adoptive families face. There are a few articles simply about family life and events, but most are about foster care or adop
Attachment and Integration Methods
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Resources for parents and professionals seeking answers.
Our Journey through adoption
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Our journey through adoption
Foster & Adoptive Parenting: In My Child's World
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This weekly blog is written by a therapist who specializes in foster and adoptive families. The blog offers practical strategies, experience and support to parents.
Janessa's Journey
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This is my adoption story from a Birthmother's perspective & my feelings along the way. My goal is to offer healing, hope, & companionship to the women who are going through the challenges & joys of
Mark and Erin Adopt
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Information about Mark and Erin, a couple hoping to adopt a baby!
Anxiously Awaiting Adoption
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After completing my family through domestic adoption, I now hope to help others with their adoption journey. I am happy to help promote families who are looking to adopt on my website, and also try t
Adoption Learning Partners
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Adoption Learning Partners offers meaningful, timely, web-based educational adoption resources for professionals, parents, adopted individuals and the families that love them.
Foster Parenting Adventures
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My journey as a foster mother and clinical psychologist.
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Written by an adoption attorney, this blog for adoptive parents, birth parents, adoption professionals, and anyone curious about adoption, this blog includes adoption information, parenting tips, curr

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